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Virtual Assistance

Why virtual assistance?

Especially in these tough economic times, many employers are forced to let go of at least some of their work force because they've found onsite employees are ultimately too expensive. In many cases a virtual assistant makes more sense than a fulltime employee.

To have someone physically at your office (using space and equipment you have to pay for), besides salary, figure on employment taxes, benefits, overtime, insurance, sick leave, vacations, etc. Factor in wasted and unproductive time...wouldn't it be much more cost-effective to pay only for the time work is actually being done for your benefit?

Many business people today now feel like they have to take more work upon themselves. Free up more of your time for what inspires you and is profitable - let me handle the more mundane aspects and rest assured in the knowledge that I will treat each of your tasks as if my own business depends on it - because it does.

What can you do for me?

Hiring me as your virtual assistant allows you to run your business without taking up your own valuable office space and supervision time. My office is fully equipped with two computers loaded with word processing and software programs for all kinds of projects, high speed Internet access, fax capability, dictation transcription equipment and color printer. Both long and short term assignments are welcome. See Services page for specifics.

Assistance that is personal and professional.

Just because it's is a "cyber" relationship doesn't mean it can't be personal. With me you'll get personalized service according to how YOU like things done. Yes, you can have the best of both worlds - do business with a small, friendly, personable service provided by a woman who is also a perfectionist and truly cares about her clients as people. I take my business seriously and my clients' needs come first. I'm always just a call or email away and confidentiality is always honored.

What do your clients say?

I'm most happy when my clients are satisfied. See References for their reports.

What more could I ask for?

Professional quality, reasonable rates, convenience, reliability and someone who cares about the success of your business. That IS what you want from your assistant after all, isn't it? My hourly fees come out to be less expensive than on-site staff or using a temp agency for someone fulltime with my experience and qualifications. And you only pay me for the time I am actually working on your project - not for coffee breaks, Internet surfing or daydreaming.

A Win-Win Relationship

One of the best things about virtual assistance from my client's standpoint is that they get professional help with various office/administrative and creative tasks, including website design and maintenance. The other benefit for them is that they pay strictly for time spent on their behalf and skip all the hassles and expense of fulltime employees. One of the best things from my standpoint is that I can assist them no matter where they are or where I happen to be at the moment. Since travel is a personal passion of mine, it's a true win-win relationship!

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